The REALITY SHOW of Service via “the GEEB!”

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Welcome to the “real ” thing…the thing that matters most….the essence of what makes the biggest impact when it comes to serving people and service delivery….AUTHENTICITY!!!! Sincere service is what will drive any service interaction to a positive result. Insincere or indifferent service will do just the opposite. And, your customers, your guests, your clients and even your employees WILL know the difference. In fact, they will FEEL that difference. That feeling will impact reviews and referrals, guest and customer loyalty , profitability and the bottom line.

I will review and share Guest Experience Excellence around the globe via this GEEB!( Guest Experience Excellence Blog!) I will look at how Hospitality Excellence is delivered in a variety of industries and at all levels within an organization. And, I will highlight the spontaneous and planned touch points that make the difference in any one or series of service moments. Back to what makes that feeling of hospitality REAL… AUTHENTICITY! Recently, I boarded my dog in a wonderful and caring kennel that I go to frequently. When I picked up my precious pooch, I asked the girl on duty a few questions about his stay and eating habits. Even though she mentioned she had only been working a few hours, she answered quickly with short responses and no detail. My dog is like my other child so I wanted more. She answered abruptly again and I could tell her answers were not sincere or even accurate. I could feel it and it was so unsatisfying . It made me feel uncomfortable about his care. She was able to change my positive feelings into negative ones by being insincere and not showing that she cared about being real with me or finding out the real answers. Her Reality Show was about getting the procedure of checking me out quickly and was not interested in anything personal that might matter to me. Luckily, the owner’s son walked in and gave me what I needed but I still left wondering why this one employee would jeopardize a loyal and profitable relationship by not being real and authentic with me.

When any of us watch Reality Shows, we often wonder if the participants are authentic in what they are saying or feeling or if they are playing to the cameras. When any of us are receiving service, we may wonder if our business is truly appreciated and if employees are just playing to us for the transaction.
Understanding the emotions involved in service delivery, how they make people feel and how sincere each gesture, each moment, each touchpoint will collectively impact the final outcome and long term result is what AUTHENTIC SERVICE is all about.

Stay tuned for more from the GEEB on how to create AUTHENTIC moments and experiences that lead to a hit series in any business!!