Patient Expectations! Patient Service! Patient Excellence!

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Can all of these be combined into one solid prescription for positive patient experiences? Recently, I had the opportunity to speak to the Bro ward County Medical Association in South Florida to discuss this very issue. Cynthia Peterson, Executive Vice President of the Association notes that rude staff and wait times are the biggest concerns she hears from her members. So, what can be done to deliver Patient Service Excellence? The answer-focused Patient Experience Management! Understanding all the touch points that can impact a patient in a positive, negative or indifferent way is the first step…recognizing how each point of contact plays a role from how the appointment is made, directions to the office, those powerful first impression moments with the greeting and registration and each step that follows.

Training healthcare teams to better understand the personal role they play in the patient experience along with the procedures they are taught to follow will make a huge difference in their own perception of their roles and in turn, the service that patients receive beyond their medical treatment. Recognizing that each task, each step of the appointment is creating the experience and that each employee has the power to influence that experience is key to today’s healthcare strategy. Patients are now asked to rate their experience and grade those very things which in turn will impact the profitability of that practice. Take proactive steps to get the top grades in the healthcare class. It will make a healthy difference in patient satisfaction as well as the bottom line.