Onsite Training

WHAT: Comprehensive service excellence training programs designed to efficiently, effectively and economically develop and improve entire teams from top management to the front line serving guests, patients and customers.

WHY: To meet the needs and demands for well-trained personnel who understand and can deliver ultimate guest service.

OUR MISSION: We invite you to join us in a united mission… “To increase the awareness, utilization, profitability, and integrity of those in customer patient and guest service roles. To showcase Service Excellence through the development and placement of front line personnel and management who represent the highest standards of Guest Service in the hospitality, healthcare and other industries where superior customer service and satisfaction makes the difference.”

  • Leading and Managing Service Excellence

How to create shared service excellence vision and develop an action plan to communicate and mobilize service personnel.

  • Concierge by Design

Developing concierge services for the unique location and clientele.

  • Guest Experience Management

Specific steps to determine, design and deliver the ultimate guest, patient and customer experiences.

  • Advanced Development for the Professional Concierge

Enhanced skills for today’s concierge.

  • The Profitability Impact of Service Excellence

How good or bad service impacts the bottom line.

  • Enhancing Team Effectiveness

How to create a team attitude, develop strategies for improvement and develop an action plan.

  • Customer Focused Telephone Techniques

The key characteristics, skills and behaviors essential to service excellence on the phone.

  • Complaints or Compliments, Your Choice

How to evaluate and handle any customer or guest situation, no matter how difficult and turn the complaints into compliments.

  • The Service Solution

Strategies and tactics to design and deliver service excellence standards.

  • Lip Service vs. Guest Service

Action plans that mobilize your team and make the service excellence difference.

  • Customized Programs

Specific training tailored to any environment and designed with focused service goals and needs.

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