Face it! Your face can show so much emotion and inspire…or trigger actions and reactions. Your eyes! Your mouth! Your energy! As we greet this holiday season, we want to recognize some faces who have inspired us this year. Their positive attitudes and behavior increased the happiness of everyone around them and triggered contagious service excellence!
Your smile and your energy can change the way your colleagues work with you. Even more, studies show your ‘facial impact’ may positively shape and impact your organization. As we greet this Festive Season, Be More Festive with your face and spread the contagious joy of your smile!
Happy Holidays from the Hospitality Excellence Team
(hope you can FEEL our smiles through this greeting?!!)
John, Security at Disneyworld , Florida. Learns phrases in other languages so he can welcome guests with his friendly smile and culturally tuned in feelings.
Israel, Medical Assistant at Elias Dermotology. Thoughtful, caring and empathetic, Israel reassures every patient with his warm smile , sincere eyes and always authentic demeanor.
Cynthia , Les Clefs d’Or Chef Concierge, Sofitel Washington DC. Cynthia passed away In October, far too early, but her smile lives on in so many hearts. She brightened colleagues and guests all around the world with her energy, vivacious spirit and THAT SPARKLE in her SMILE!
Veronia, Publix Checker, Lauderdale by the Sea, Florida. Grocery shopping becomes an absolute delight when Veronia welcomes each customer through the line-even the food looks better because of her genuine warmth and THAT SMILE!
Rafael, Maintenance worker at The Windjammer Resort, Lauderdale by the Sea. Things that need to be fixed get fixed with a welcoming smile first, followed by sincere gestures to make guest experiences problem free.
Elaine Fitzgerald, CEO and President at Beach Vacation Rentals, Pompano Beach, Florida. Everything about Elaine , her body language, her smile, her gestures, her voice, generate powerful feelings of welcome whether she greets guests in person , by phone or even online.
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