What is 3D Service Online Training?

A Web-Based Service Excellence Training and Certification program designed to teach individuals and teams how to deliver exceptional guest and customer service in any environment. 3D Service Online Training makes the delivery of superior guest service intuitive and automatic in service teams. This program is specifically designed to cause service people at all levels to feel like delivering exceptional service is part of their personal agenda, one that they are proud of and emotionally connected to.

What does 3D have to do with the Online Training?

Service has many dimensions and our 3D Service Online training recognizes that.

3D Service Online Training results in the ability to take guests and employees deeper into the world of exceptional service delivery. Multi-dimensional service awakens both the service provider and service recipient to the things which may be obvious but more significantly, those actions and behaviors that are hidden from view.

Multi-dimensional awareness of service delivery is essential to creating memorable guest experiences and recognizing that all of our senses are in play when we encounter each moment.

How does 3D Service Online Training work?

Managers and Corporations:
The best guest service begins at the top of every organization. Click here to get to the special price and login we have for managers. To sign up your group of employees contact us directly and we will provide you with group pricing and supervisory management access for your group. Your team can take the course anytime direct from a computer at a time and place that is convenient for you and them. It’s available 24/7/365.

Anytime you have a new employee, 3D Online Training should be an integral part of their orientation process so your team is consistently trained and ready to deliver a 3D Service Guest Experience. Sign up now!

Individuals and Students:
You can sign up from a computer at anytime and take the course at a time and place that is convenient for you. It’s available 24/7/365. Start now!

All participants can access the course for one year after registration to allow for refreshers on any topic.

How long is the course?

The course is 3 modules and lasts 3 hours. It can be taken all together or over a period of time. The course is interactive, engaging and includes video, games and other tools to make the content memorable. Content is available in small modules and can be revisited throughout the year. As additional modules are released, existing and previous students will receive notification and special discounts.

What is the certification?

Someone who has taken the 3D course should be identifiable to management as well as their peers. Service delivery is a profession and this certification is a way for those who have completed the course to differentiate themselves as “The Best of The Best”. It is also a criterion employers can use to attract and hire “The Best of the Best”. Establishments can identify themselves as 3D Certified which lets employees and guests know they can expect the very best.

A certificate of course completion is awarded for completing the first 3 modules. Full 3D Service Certification requires completion of additional online modules which are expected to be released in 2011. Alternatively additional Onsite Training can be arranged to complete the certification

Contact us for special rates to sign up your group.