What We Do

Hospitality Excellence provides expertise, consulting, training and analysis of all facets of Guest Experience Management.
We work with all types of organizations and industries on what it will take to better serve their customers, guests , clients and employees by creating the most meaningful experiences.

We understand what skills and behaviors are essential to delivering exceptional customer service and are able to develop engaging strategies for executives and their teams to mobilize service initiatives, standards and training that will lead to greater customer loyalty, employee retention, referrals , reviews and profitability.

We especially focus on making the emotional connection through all of our programs and workshops to exceed both customer and employee expectations.

Explore these Hospitality Excellence Services and Expertise:

  • Experience Design and Development
  • Guest /Customer Service Workshops and Training
  • 3D Service–A New Dimension in Service Excellence…E-Learning Program
  • Guest Experience Analyses using 3D Service Methodology (unique approach to Mystery Shopper)
  • Service Missions, Standards and Initiatives-developing Service Cultures
  • Assessment and Evaluation Tools for Guests, Employees and Businesses
  • Management and Leadership Programs for Effective Service Delivery
  • Teambuilding and Communication Workshops
  • E-Learning program design
  • Keynote and Program presentations on all areas of Service Excellence and Guest Experience Management
  • Articles and Publications (soon to be released books) on all facets of Exceptional Service
  • Education programs for all levels and departments
  • Telephone service delivery training

And much more!!!!!