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The Mask – Hospitality’s NEW Superpower!

Superman has his cape! Black Panther has his Vibranium! Wonder Woman has her Lasso of Truth! Thor has his hammer! These superheroes capture our imaginations and our hearts with their adventures and special gifts but what about the rest of … Continue reading

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Tour Guiding the Guest Experience

Sometimes I just can’t help myself! I see a darling couple, standing on the restaurant dock, taking photos of each other. I must leave my own meal and partner to offer to take a photo of them together. I just … Continue reading

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Please Use the “F” Word!!

Relax! Not that ‘F’ Word! This ‘F’ stands for Feelings, which are critical to any service interaction or guest experience and they must be front and center to make meaningful emotional connections. Whose feelings you might ask? Yours, theirs and … Continue reading

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Take the Service Elevator to the Top Floor

Customer experience management is increasingly critical as a top investment area and skill essential for C-suite executives (some firms even have a CXO). What does that mean exactly and what do leaders need to do to ensure they are ready? … Continue reading

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Cultural Inspiration on Service

{ Cultural Inspiration on Service  

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Global Warming: A Weather Proof Strategy for Hospitality and Service Success

There’s nothing like warmth, when it comes to hospitality, that blanket of welcome that surrounds a guest or customer when caring and proactive efforts cause greater comfort to happen while making frigid moments forgotten. As guests contemplate their seasonal choices … Continue reading

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Values Based Recognition Impacts Employee and Customer Loyalty!

One thing I have learned in my many years of employee and organizational development is that outstanding employee performance is often the result of managers connecting with and engaging their employees; engaging both their heart as well as their minds. … Continue reading

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LA DOLCE VITA at Maison 25

During a recent trip in southern Italy, specifically on the beautiful island of Ischia facing Naples I had the pleasure of staying at Maison Twenty-Five bed and breakfast. The location is close to everything desirable, but the one element that … Continue reading

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A Question of Ethics – Elaine Oksner

During my career, I have often lectured my colleagues in the hotel industry about ethics. The test to use to decide if something you are contemplating doing is ethical, is simple. Ask yourself this question: “If this appeared as a … Continue reading

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Crew can choose between complaints, compliments

Does it really matter if guests are happy all the time or are complaints just a part of the charter business? Does service, especially exceptional service, count as a decision-making factor for today’s guests? What is the impact, if any, … Continue reading

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